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Quality Childcare

All children will have a ‘Key Person’ who will be their main carer who will be responsible for your child’s well being while they are at our nursery. They will also get to know at least one other person well so that if your Key Person is away for any reason they will be comfortable within their group.


Our staff regularly observe the children in our care, and use these observations to plan for your daughter/son’s interests and to promote their learning and development. We have a password protected online assessment system and we will send an email alert to your smartphone/tablet/PC so that you can see photographs and observations that we have made! In addition to this you can send us your observations from home of your child’s interests/achievements.


We provide lots of opportunities for children to understand the natural world around us by promoting outdoor play and exploration. Physical play on balance bikes, balancing beams, tricycles, scooters etc encourage healthy physical development. We follow the national literacy scheme ‘Letters and Sounds’ which your child will continue on with once they go to primary school.

Real life resources like paint brushes, mops, are enjoyed by children and encourage large and small motor development. Construction equipment helps children learn spatial awareness and problem solving. Plenty of ‘small world’ equipment helps with speech and language development and imagination.


Children will be able to use ICT equipment, listen to music and use our musical instruments.


There are always opportunities for children to develop their creativity in many ways, using paint, dough, sand/water, glue, and many other materials.


Each year your child can watch as our caterpillars make their cocoons and turn into butterflies before we release them into the garden. They will see how frogspawn become tadpoles and watch them develop into baby frogs before we release them back into the wild, and they will also see how our incubated eggs hatch into chicks and watch how quickly

they grow before we return them to the farm.


Our pre-school children also enjoy ‘Fun Time French’ once a week.


All of the above provide a varied and stimulating environment, and of course our skilful practitioners will help to scaffold your children’s learning and enjoyment to help them make good progress in all areas.

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Jigsaw has been providing high quality childcare and early years education since 1994. Our nurseries combine enabling environments with an emphasis on natural wood furnishings and neutral colours, with a wealth of resources and toys to interest young children.