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Preparing for School

By working together with parents/carers we believe that this will help with your child’s progress and help them make the transition from nursery to school as easy as possible. Many teachers of our local schools visit the children here prior to the children starting their new schools. Before the children leave us we plan to encourage school readiness for example:


Starting school is a big step for children, we try to make this as easy as possible by preparing children well. We believe that when children leave Jigsaw, they should be ready for the next stage in their learning.

Passing details of children's progress to their primary school teacher.


  • If possible, facilitating a visit to the nursery from their primary school teacher.

  • Encouraging the children to unwrap/eat their lunch from a lunch box independently, or have the confidence to ask an adult/friend for help if they need to.

  • Talking about the school they will be going to, and asking who their teacher will be.

  • Encouraging the children to remove/put on their clothing/shoes, hang their coats etc on their peg, or having the confidence to ask an adult or child to help if needed

  • Get used to having some time seated as a group and putting their hand up if they want to talk to their key person/practitioner.

  • Being able to use the toilet confidently, and understand why we wash our hands afterwards.

You can help us, and your child by encouraging these things at home!