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Partnerships with Parents

Daily diary sheets for the youngest children, regular parent’s evenings, newsletters, keep you up to date with your child’s development and the nursery news, and of course, this website.


We recognise that parents are their children's prime educators - and that parents know their children better than anyone else, and we are keen to work together with you and get to know what things your child enjoys at home, what their current interests are so that we can help them get the best from what we offer at nursery.


You will also receive ‘the Parents Voice’ document several times over the year to return to us with details of what your child is interested in doing at home, and whether you have noticed any developmental changes.


From when you and your child first join Jigsaw Day Nursery you will find a warm welcome and that we want to get to know you. The relationships between parents, children and members of staff build up gradually over time and we welcome your involvement at any time.